Noah under the-os influence?

Finally saw the movie, “Noah,” last night. Avoided the rush. By about 4 months. If you’ve seen it, or not, you may find my comments interesting enough to read here. Hopefully, you’ll feel free to comment yourself.
By now, Noah-blogs are probably old and stale, but since the movie is fresh in my mind, I do have this to say. First, didn’t Russell Crowe look great for a man 600 years old upon entry onto the ark? Or is it possible Hollywood took liberties with the Biblical text? An absolute Duh!
The movie was nothing much like the book, at least not in any literal sense. That much is a given. But for shock and awe, let me climb out onto the limb and say it was even better than the book. Hooray for Hollywood is something I rarely say, so please take note. Here’s why this time.
Assuming you did see the film, you’ll note that Noah was raised up in a culture of fear, violence and evil. That’s the lifestyle he knew. And God was none too pleased with such a culture or lifestyle. Violence and evil was so pervasive that God grieved having created life. Nothing in the Bible or movie suggests why God had it in for the plants as well as the animals. Nonetheless, God was out to destroy everything. Implied in both Bible and movie is God’s fear that the world is totally corrupt, and it’s time to reboot, restart, and use Noah et al to try again. God’s fear causes Him to take control over all life forms, Noah included. God’s angry as hell and out to punish the wrongdoers and then some. Children, even babies, are going to drown, no matter the anguished cries of their mother’s. Only Noah and his clan will escape God’s wrath.
I find some people still thinking this way today. They’re waiting for God’s wrath to take control. The beatings are about to begin, as Bill Cosby might say. If he were really God. Time to fear God!!!!
Noah built the ark because he was afraid of God’s anger, and God’s violence in taking control over all life forms, including women with infants. Because God hated pretty much everybody, he’d better do as God says. And build the ark to God’s specifications. Or else!
The Bible says “Noah walked with God.” Which, according to the movie, meant Noah identified with God in his hatred for all humankind, even himself and his own offspring. So near the movie’s end, Noah is brought to the point of imitating the God he so identifies with by threatening to kill his own grandchildren while they were in the arms of their anguished mother, Noah’s daughter-in-law. God did it by drowning the kids, Noah would do it at knife point. But walking with God meant doing as God does, taking control and kicking some serious butt. On this point the Bible and the movie are not far apart. The book holds only that Noah, at the end, simply banishes this son, Ham, into slavery. Far less violent, unless you’ve come along as a negro slave centuries later and the Christian masters speak with certainty of their having to control Ham’s descendants by whatever violent means necessary. (I was quite relieved Hollywood didn’t cast Ham as a black man!)
And now for my questions.
Is it possible God never was nor is today afraid of our worldly corruption to the point of taking violent control over us? Is it possible Noah, both in the Bible and in Hollywood, had God all wrong? Is it possible God has never wanted us to fear Him but love Him? Is it possible Noah confused God’s walking with him in his fear, anger, violence and control over others per Noah’s cultural upbringing, with what it would mean to walk with God instead? Walking in God’s love?
Is it possible God in saying “Noah, build an ark” really meant, “Noah, build my Kingdom” where all fear and it’s consequential anger, violence, control over others, is cast out by perfect love? Where fear of God is replaced by love of God? Where God acts not to control persons, places, and things but rather to lovingly influence our human minds into making good, positive choices that bring successful, world-peace kind of consequences? When we walk with God, identifying with Him rather than expecting Him to identify and walk with us in our cultural lifestyle of violence, do we really walk in fear and anger, or instead walk in love of enemy to the point of forgiving them for they know not what they do?
My own bottom line answer to such questions is from the Bible, not Hollywood, and it goes like this: “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.” I John 4:18. That’s where Noah got it wrong according to the Bible, and even more so according to the movie. The movie simply drove home the Bible’s point more strongly than I had ever seen it before. Thankfully, we can learn from Noah’s mistake. We can love living under the-os influence and not have to fear living under God’s violent control. That’s what I call a rainbow covenant!


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