How does the Holy Spirit influence our minds?

Part II of that “ah-ha!” time with my wife on a Cape Cod beach practicing, of all things, hypnosis. 

          Now understand this about hypnotherapy.   It involves the conscious mind’s own choice to let go of control and begin surrendering itself to the loving influence of one’s own unconscious mind.   Involves a great deal of trust, and, where my wife was concerned in dealing with me as a novice hypnotherapist, a great deal of amazing grace.   And add this to your understanding about hypnotherapy.   It begins with a gentle influence, a gentle suggestion, by the therapist, to at first simply hope that a higher power lives within us to love us even at those very times when we feel most afraid.   When we are most conscious of some fear within us is when our unconscious mind, i.e. our higher power and, get ready to remember this today and tomorrow in your own life, God’s indwelling Holy Spirit, loves us most.   So it is like the very immortal soul that lives within us then empowers us to accept God’s perfect love and, by love’s all powerful influence, to cast out the very fear that lives below within our mortal, human mind and body.     

           Which takes me back to my wife there on the beach, waves of the Atlantic Ocean lapping ashore, trusting me enough to let go of her fearful control and accept this all-powerful influence of love within herself and watching her conscious fears float out to sea even as God’s on-going and eternal love washes ashore.   Well, in 2014 we celebrated our 47th wedding anniversary and she is still under love’s great trance until I figure out how to bring her out of it.  I shouldn’t have slept through that last day of training with O’Hanlon back in the 80’s at the Cape.   JUST KIDDING!!!

              My next blog will attempt an answer to this question you may have never considered before on your own, “If God’s loving influence acts as hypnotherapy with His indwelling Holy Spirit empowering our conscious minds to cast out our body’s mortal fears, then is it possible for Jesus to serve as our hypnotherapist in this healing process?”  If not, why not?  If so, then what’s next?  


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