Great news for ISIS from America

Replicating our nation’s success in WW II against the evil forces of Nazi Germany is probably impossible. It’s not possible, for one thing, to undo our mistakes already made by invading Afghanistan and Iraq. Can’t take back that damage already done to our image in Arab lands where we’ve become the billboards (metaphor) for recruiting more Islamist extremists. Right now it’s not our ground troops that are pictured for such recruiting, but rather our drone aircraft that drop bombs with “collateral damages” on display. Like I say, the water’s already poisoned that we must now drink from.

Perhaps a far larger reason we may never again win a war against an evil power such as ISIS / ISIL is this: corporate America will never tolerate a return to the American society of the 1940’s and 1950’s. In the 40’s under Roosevelt, the Federal government came very close to controlling our means of production. It’s called socialism, but then the words were simply things like government rationing, bond buying, price fixing, tax hiking, forced sacrificing, pulling together, non-partisan life as required to win the war. Everybody essentially went to war against Germany and Japan because, well, the government told them to. Corporate America had no voice except to support the war effort, whether by retooling for military equipment or paying higher taxes. By the way, their sons were also drafted into war along with those of the poor and middle classes.

Of course, in the 1950’s under Republican Dwight Eisenhower, our progressive income taxes soared to a height of 91% for the wealthiest Americans and yet we funded a state of the art interstate highway infrastructure and enforced school desegregation against the old Jim Crow laws in place since Civil War reconstruction in the south.

Together Roosevelt, Truman, and Eisenhower would make President Obama today look like a Capitalist fanatic. But, hey, they did things for this country no President today could even begin to accomplish. And if our States allow actual history to be taught in our schools, these leaders can teach us how to do things as a nation even now such as fighting to defeat ISIS through strong allied ground actions and unified intelligence, how to build a much needed power grid and transportation infrastructure, and how to build a nation once again through increased cooperation instead of cut-throat competition. It’s what I would prefer to conserve in my most conservative heart.

I have my doubts it will ever happen again, which is great news for ISIS.


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