Last month I blogged on the question of Why Church? and got no response, except possibly a Facebook comment or two. I’m not surprised. But I’m also not through trying. In fact, I’m going to tack on a follow up question today.

Some people understandably don’t subscribe to the metaphor of marriage to describe Jesus and His Church. Same folks probably didn’t care much for the Hebrew prophet Hosea either, as he referenced his own marital problems. But I personally don’t think there’s much wrong with today’s church that can’t be explained by today’s marriages, about half of which end in divorce.

Let’s get one thing clear if comparing the church today to the Bride of Christ per our New Testament scripture’s following of that old Hebrew tradition from Hosea’s time. JESUS HAS A MARITAL PROBLEM AND HE’S NOT IT. He didn’t commit adultery, she did. He didn’t leave her. She left Him. Yet, she’s the one complaining that the kids in her custody are leaving her. Worse yet, some are moving in with Him again and siding with Him against her. Whine. Whine. Whine.

So my calling, if I choose to accept it, is to play the role of outside prophet — i.e., marriage counselor — in hopes the church might seek reconciliation both for her own sake and that of the kids, many of whom have left home. There’s been no divorce; Jesus refuses to sign. Only a separation. There’s still hope!

Session one. Bride has her say. And I hear her telling me there really is no problem. She’s still happily married. She’s done nothing wrong. Still loves her husband. Wants everything to still work out. And it would except that some of the kids have left her because the world has lured them away. Her good kids are still at home. They’re just fine. She’d appreciate Jesus doing something to keep the whole family all together; she’s tired of trying so hard on her own.  In fact, she’d like to still have more kids again  —  Christ willing.

Okay, so now you’re the counselor. You’re the prophet. What do you say next in this session? Where do you go with this one?

Seriously. I’m curious about what you might want to say even NOW to the church. To Jesus. To the kids in this family. The comment line is open.


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