Why Hillary Lost

It has become common for political pundits to offer up their own post-mortem on this recent election. They are, afterall, still being paid to speak and write no matter how right or wrong they’ve been all along. They have their followers to lead, astray or otherwise.

I’m no pundit when it comes to politics, mind you. An undergrad Minor in Poli Sci from the mid 60’s makes me anything but an expert. So read what I have to say here with all due skepticism. Let’s just call it what it is: a non-pundit analysis. Or an amateur post-mortem informed mostly by the things I do know something about from the areas of Christianity and Mental Health.

By now, Hillary’s lost election has garnered lots of analysis on how the Obama Democrats managed to vote Trump and his fellow Republicans into power. I’ve yet to see anything in print about how so many Romney and McCain Republicans managed to vote for Clinton to the point where, per the highly non-partisan Cook Political Report on this date of November 21st, Clinton led Trump 63,600,000 to 61,900,000 in rounded off numbers with 7 million ballots uncounted in mostly California and New York, likely padding her numbers still further without affecting any change in the Electoral College. As of today, her lead in the popular vote over Trump is 48% to 46.7%.

That said, the coroner has essentially ruled and I’ll still offer up my own eulogy of sorts. I’ve officiated enough funerals over the years to have qualified at least on that count.

Hillary, I believe, lost because she was too anti-establishment.

That’s right. You read it correctly the first time. She was too anti-establishment.

Her campaign slogan of “Stronger Together” was too anti-establishment and failed to resonate.

You see, we have joined the political pundits in confusing the symptoms of our establishment with its disease. Trump may, or may not, have gone after the chief symptoms as located in Washington D.C. and on New York’s Wall St. These symptom locations, Wall St. and Pennsylvania Ave. are easy targets. Hillary did not attack them but instead worked to attack the actual disease causing those symptoms.

Now that you are properly confused, but hopefully curious as well, let me explain my point. The sick establishment that produces our national symptoms and symbols of contempt………. is our larger “culture of narcissism.” Here’s what I mean. Our nation, which seems to most of us headed in the wrong direction, is based on a culture of individualism, privileging the “I, me, my, mine, and ours first” ………………and the rest of the world “good luck.” The best name I can think to give this is our “culture of narcissism.” And so we have now elected one of us, and his party, to be our Chief Executive Narcissist. There to protect me, mine and ours against you, your, and yours.

Against that establishment comes not a man but a woman, who I’m supposed to trust to protect us from them? Are you kidding me? And she runs this anti-establishment, counter-cultural campaign using words like “Stronger Together” that would seem to mean including our enemies as if they were actually on “my” side against those “others” in “our” country.

Bad move on Hillary’s part.

Way too altruistic. That is, anti-narcissistic. Way too counter-cultural, too anti-establishment.

And way too Jesus-like!

Actually, I’ve been inclined to see Hillary not as Jesus but rather Mary of Magdala. If you know your Bible’s Christian New Testament, you should remember her as being the woman that conservatives, then called Pharisees, loved to hate. If Jesus had been God, he’d have known what kind of woman she was. So much for HIS credibility as the Christ.

Yep. That’s why Jesus lost, too. Fact is he lost his life that way. You see, he was the ultimate public servant out to bring a Kingdom of “peace not as the world gives” (John 14:27) that included even the enemies of his own people. Included even Mary of Magdala. A woman he often associated with and who later became the first to recognize and broadcast his resurrection.

So here’s my viewpoint concerning Hillary Clinton, and Christianity, and mental health. The truth is far more paradoxical than most would like to believe. The rational overcomes the emotional. Reality stands up and trauma faints away. The last shall be first and the first last. The winner becomes the loser and vice versa. Know what I’m saying?

The establishment won this election. The culture of narcissism that causes the symptoms of our diseased establishment in DC and on WS has won. Donald Trump is the winner and the new face of our disease.

And the one whose career has been dedicated to helping the less fortunate “others” has lost. Wasn’t a crucifixion but felt that way to her followers. And while there may not be a resurrection this side of heaven, I wouldn’t bet too highly against it. Because even cultures come and go. Altruists most often outlive and outlast the narcissists among us.  Which is like saying, the lions that once ate Christians are now infinitely outnumbered by Christians and even rescued from their own extinction by these very people called Christian. It’s a paradox indeed.

The culture of narcissism is alive for now. Has yet to self-destruct, as will one day happen. But “Stronger Together” will survive as the fittest. The One Jesus called The Kingdom of God……on earth as it is in heaven will carry a similar slogan or banner. The crucifixion has happened for now but the resurrection will happen then……….and be the forever “anti-establishment.”


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