A Prayer for President Donald Trump

During those years I served in pastoral ministry, I often reminded myself: never speak to our people about God before I speak to God about our people.

It’s time that I remind myself to do the same today.

I’m tempted even now to post my own version of a Dear President Trump letter pointing out all the errors of his ways. Those who know me realize I’ve been calling human attention to that boatload of errors I’ve been counting up since at least 2011. My cup overfloweth!!! And my letter to him today would amount to yet another rant hopefully calling to his attention the reasons I fear he is destroying the very America he purports to make great.

Which brings up a problem I must instead work on within myself. I fear Donald Trump to such an extent that I cast out the very love Jesus would have me instead use in responding to him as my enemy. And it’s time that I repent today not by writing a “come to Jesus” Dear Donald letter, but instead writing a “go from Jesus” Dear God letter that prays for the enemy I sometimes think God alone knows how to love.

Dear God, please forgive me for not loving my enemy, Donald Trump, as I should. Forgive me for fearing him instead. And help me today to love him as my enemy by doing the only thing I can in this moment: by praying for him as my enemy.

I pray today in the faith my own mind holds firm: believing the human mind is itself the very computer you have installed within our human body’s master organ, our brain. You will know already of my belief that the world’s virus has entered every human brain affecting our networked computers’ operating system. You will know this is what I call sin. And you will know that I believe Donald and I both have some form of this same deadly, destructive virus.

I pray for your help with Donald’s computer virus, which I belief has corrupted his data and caused him to make choices that carry harmful consequences for your entire world. I fear for those consequences in my own life, but even more for the lives of the majority of world citizens who live within the margins. Those human citizens who need better food, better educations, better healthcare, better incomes, better justice, better freedom of speech and religion and press, or just better human rights in general.

Lord, please work on Donald’s computer today. Please empower it to manage data and make decisions in line with truth and not the viral lies of corruption. Empower him, inform his choices, that people in America and around the world might be freed from the margins that otherwise enslave them. The margins of hunger, ignorance, disease, poverty, injustice, intolerance, and oppression.

God, you know of my faith in your love to do that which love always does: helps to empower. Help to empower Donald this day to be the President Donald Trump who chooses truth not lies, love not fear, and good not evil. Love and help him as only you can. Just as Jesus asked you even from the cross to forgive his own enemies for their presumed ignorance (or computer virus), so I ask you to forgive Donald Trump. Keep his own mind’s and body’s operating system from crashing in ways that crash all others networked with him. Do what only you can do and we cannot do. Love him by helping to empower him for good today.



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