A prayer for the people

Dear God, you have heard my prayers oft’ repeated asking you to help break our hearts by that which has first broken yours. Today our hearts are broken. But not as badly as yours.

Our hearts are often broken by the suffering of your children around the world who are poor and oppressed. But not as often as yours.

Our nation of the United States of America has been made great by those very occasions when we have welcomed ashore those who are tired, poor, and yearning to break free. Yet today, we are facing one of the greatest ironies to be found within our own history as a nation.

We have most recently celebrated your coming to the world in the body of your Son Jesus, for his own declared purpose of proclaiming good news to the poor and freedom for the captives. This was in fulfillment of your law and prophets so terribly misunderstood by the ancient nation of Israel and among his own people. He came to help break the hearts of your people by that which had first broken yours. The great irony was that his own nation was soon divided between those whose hearts were newly broken by their new understanding of your law and prophets as fulfilled by your Son Jesus, and those whose hearts remained hardened by their continued misunderstanding.

This same great irony now plagues our own divided nation, dear God.

We, too, as in the days of Jesus, are divided between those whose hearts are broken and those who remain hardened by their continued misunderstanding of your law and prophets.

If we ever caught onto the plot in the first place concerning the Christ of Christmas who clarified your divine understanding of your law and prophets to mean, “So in everything do unto others what you would have them do to you” (Matthew 7:12), we have in significant numbers lost it despite that Christmas season now barely behind us. And those who have lost this plot have sown division within our land and your world at large by their support of a President who would proclaim bad news to the poor and oppression for the free.

This has broken your heart anew, Lord, and so I pray anew that you will help break an even larger majority of hearts within our nation. Break our hearts so badly that we might work in unity to overcome those whose support of this President would continue dividing us. Break our hearts so badly that we might grasp anew the very plot by which your story becomes our story. Break our hearts until Americans of all races, religions, creeds and classes will finally do unto others what we would have others do unto us………….. if we were your world’s tired, poor, and huddled masses yearning to breathe free. Break our hearts until we, too, can understand the very purpose for your coming to earth as the Christ of Christmas. Amen.


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